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Complex vs Simple Subliminal formula: Which is best for you?

Subliminal Formula: Complex VS Simple

What is a subliminal formula?

Subliminal formulas are different ways of making subs many creators make their own formulas and make subliminal according to that which they keep secret.

Subliminal formulas are made to give the fastest results possible to the user, some subliminal creators admit that their formulas can give results overnight and some admit that their results will be permanent.

You must be asking what is so special about subliminal formulas?

The only special thing about subliminal formulas is the way creator design their affirmations and layer them at different dB volumes.

So which one is better?

Before answering which one is better let’s look into the creation of complex and simple subliminal formulas

Simple Subliminal Formula:

Simple subliminal is made with a combination of affirmations and played under conscious hearing range, with not more than 3-4 layering of different affirmations.

And then repeated a number of times to make the subliminal powerful.

Making of Complex Subliminal Formula:

The complex subliminal formula is the combination of many affirmations and bundles complex subliminal formulas target more than one desired reality.

They are made with the help of other alternatives of subliminal like solfeggio frequency, subtle energy, morphic fields & biokenisis.

The complex formula has millions of affirmations (that’s unbelievable but many creators claim it.)

So let’s come to the question of which one is better?

TBH both of them work very well, but the only problem is the headphones.

No matter how complex and powerful your formula is headphones are the only limitation.

Our generation doesn’t have advanced headphones which can transmit every bit of information to the subconscious mind.

And you must be asking do headphones really play important role in the subliminal journey?

They play a major role in the subliminal journey if you are using complex subliminal formulas this rule is not applicable if you are using simple formula/simple subliminal or Morphic.

And I have already written a good enough blog for headphones –Read it here

There are other major factors that can affect your subliminal result journey.

The complex formulas are so complex that sometimes you don’t even need them, and unfortunately, those are the most famous Subliminal in the community.

You don’t need millions of affirmations just to change the shape of your nose or symmetrical face.

You need 5-6 affirmations with a hundred-time repetition, which is a simple yet very powerful way to change your nose.

“I don’t fear your thousand techniques, but I fear that one technique which you practiced the thousand times.”

-Bruce Lee

You don’t need thousand of affirmations you need one affirmation a thousand time

And that one affirmation will become so powerful that even your different subconscious blockages can’t stop.

-Yes you have different types of subconscious blockages, –Read it here

So in conclusion to this post both of them are very powerful in their own way but you know what is more powerful?

The combination of both of them and that my friend is what I call The Trinity Formula.


Complex or Simple doesn't really matter but what matter most is your consistency towards your goal/desired reality. Stay loyal to your desired reality and you shall manifest it.

Stay Hydrated, Radiate Positivity.

-Individual Subliminal
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