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Different Types Of Subliminal And Their Powerful Alternative

Different type of Subliminals

Subliminal is no doubt a powerful tool but do you know there are so many types and variations of subliminal which are unknown to the subliminal community.

Different types of Audio Subliminal

Subliminal for Subconscious Mind:

This is the most famous type of subliminal which is used by everyone in the subliminal community and 95% of subliminal creators use this method to make any change in our reality. -Learn how to make your own Subliminal-


This type of subliminal is played on the threshold of the Conscious mind where you can hear the affirmation mumbling but the conscious mind can’t understand that’s why the subconscious takes over and accept those statement as true and make the changes in your current reality with desired reality.

Subliminal with Afformations:

Afformations are a great way to make a shift in your current reality. Afformations are set of questions that are set to be true for our desired reality
Questions like: How did I gain 5 inches of height in under 1 month?
These types of questions accept your desired reality and force your subconscious mind to accept this new desired reality/Change the current reality with your desired reality by answering this question.

Questions are answered by our subconscious mind most of the time.

Different types of Visual Subliminal:

Flashing the Affirmations:

Affirmations/Messages at 1 frame/60FPS are rather more powerful than the audio subliminal because of the difference between data collection of our different sensory inputs.

Hidden messages in images:

These types of images are rather used by big companies to promote their agenda or product. These are some famous examples of Hidden images used by big companies.

Hidden messages in Images

Faded affirmations used in the desired goal image:

These kinds of images are also very famous in the subliminal community which they call visual subliminal. But this is the least powerful of all visual subliminal because of how our input sensory work.

Faded messages and visual subliminal
Visual Subliminal

Read the Detailed article on Audio Subliminal vs Visual Subliminal.

Powerful Alternative of Subliminal:

Frequencies & Vibrations Healing:

There are many types of frequencies that are believed to heal the human body and make desired changes at the physical level, they are often used for mental health rather than manifestation and physical changes.
Solfeggio frequency and Mind relaxing Audios are some very famous alternatives


Biokinesis is also a powerful technique to change your physical appearance. One of the famous channels that use biokinesis is Quadible integrity it’s one of the best channels.

Intention Repeater:

This is another one of the amazing tools to manipulate the energy and charge yourself with positive and sweet intentions(emotions) with the power of Anthro. –read more about this tool here

Intention Repeater tool
You are Beautiful.

Morphic Fields:

Morphic fields are the most scientific and well-studied subject of the 21st century, there is much research paperwork that supports the claim of morphic fields and their powers which can change human life or I must say the earth’s life.

Morphic fields are very complex in the creation and you need decades of practice to even start with the creation of morphic fields you need to learn more about yourself and your subconscious mind and the geometry or structure of this universe to recreate the morphic fields.
One of the famous morphic creators is Sapien Medicine. You should use morphic fields on daily basis.

Subtle Energy Work:

Subtle energy work is the work of individual beings where you create the pattern of your desired reality in your mind and project it to change your current reality with your desired reality, subtle energy work is often more practice with the energy-sensitive human being.
I don’t know any channel that uses subtle energy work. (comment down if you know any.)

Divine Code:

These codes are believed to work on a quantum level where they open the realm of the quantum world with a set of numbers that are key to the quantum world realm.
This is a rather more interesting subject I would like to explore in detail. –Learn more about divine code here


Mantras are the most ancient art of changing one current reality with desired reality and the explanation behind mantras creation is very logical(for me) Mantras are believed to be the vibration of the universe in other words the mantras are extracted/written after observing the vibration of the universe.
OM is believed to be the first vibration in the universe and this vibration is believed to be the source of creation. (according to Sanatan Dharam.)

The Trinity Formula Use most of the technqiue mentioned here and I believe it's the most powerful way to change anyone reality.

Stay Hydrated, Radiate Positivity

-Individual Subliminal
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