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Emotions & Feelings A Quick Road to Your Desired Reality.

How Emotions play major role in Subliminal results

We often are disappointed with our current reality and we want to change it ASAP, but what’s stopping us?

Emotions and the way we feel about our current reality is some of the main reason for our attachment.

You must understand how unstable emotions can be blockages for manifestations.

We all know from the law of assumptions that we must feel the emotions of already having that goal that we wanted to manifest.

We all know from the law of assumptions that we must feel the emotions of already having that goal that we wanted to manifest.

But what if you feel another way around?

The answer is simple you won’t be able to manifest at all.

What will happen if you are emotionally unstable and trying to manifest?

What are emotions? Why do they play such a major role in shifting reality?

We won’t be going into the actual definition of emotions but we will understand emotions more in terms of subliminal community.

You can read the real definition of Emotions here:

Different Emotions
Emotions And Feelings

Let us have a closer look:

See emotions define our state of mind if we are abundant or desperate about our desired reality.

We all want something which we don’t have right now, which shows our desperation for always wanting something more some of us want more beauty.

Some want more money and there’s nothing wrong with that but we must do it the right way.

Let me give you a scenario where you don’t have a girlfriend and you want one (a typical scenario for most guys).

If you are desperate and approach a girl and ask her out there’s are 70% chance she will say NO.

She will know right away that you are asking her out in desperation no one wants a desperate guy.

Now you approach her with the abundant mindset and now you ask her out, there are 90% chances she will say yes.

The same goes for more beauty and more money, manifestation start from an abundance mindset and a heart full of gratitude.

If you are desperate that means you don’t have an abundance mindset and you can’t be grateful for anything you have.

Nature and the universe always want to give us more and more but they are like strict parents too who want their children to behave correctly for most things.

Am I Judging?

Look there’s nothing wrong with being desperate (for the right things/ right goals) or being abundant it’s a matter of individual choices I am no one to judge but desperation shows the negative emotions and negative approach to the problems.

Abundant shows a positive approach towards life and a positive attitude toward all the other things.

Desperation is actually a negative emotion/approach and there is no way in this universe you can manifest anything with negative emotions.

Of course, there are some illegal paths in human civilization but if you want something from this universe you have to follow a positive approach, toward your goal toward your desired reality.


You must work on your emotions before manifesting anything, even if you did manifest with unstable emotions there are high number of chances that won’t be permanent.

Stay Hydrated, Radiate Positivity.

-Individual Subliminal.
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