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How Many Subliminal You Should Use In A Day?

How many Subliminal you should use in a day?

Before I answer this question let me request you to read this post with an open mind.

Okie, So how many subs can you use in a day?

Let’s go back to the time when you had no idea about subliminal.

You were unknown to this amazing community and you were living your life with an urge of changing something.

Something which was bothering you, and to be honest that could be either one thing or two.

You may have a hierarchy of things that bother you but there is always something which is on the top of them.

Maybe your big nose always bothers you, and you really want to change your nose but you can’t because you are still unknown to the subliminal world.

The very next day you get to know about subliminal not first thing you wanted to change was your nose.

But, here comes the logical urge to change everything at once as you don’t have to do anything physically most people find it inside their comfort zone.

So they start using subliminal for nose, eyes color to blue/green (which they never even wanted in the first place), skin color, height, hair, and what not?

And this will never bring you results, you may see small changes but not good enough to satisfy you.

Because now your focus is divided into 7 directions, it’s just like you are made to walk in only direction but instead, you want to walk in all 7 directions at once.

More about Subconscious Mind:

The Subconscious Mind.

It’s not like our subconscious is not a multitasker, it is a good multitasker but only for things that he is doing for millions of years.

The physical changes with subliminal are very new to our subconscious mind and it needs its own time to get comfy with those types of affirmations and work with them and change accordingly.

Our subconscious is no doubt the best servant but its best protector to we mistake ourselves with this term.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t have blockages, Our subconscious is just protecting its own million old beliefs to survive effortlessly.

If we stop acting like animals (which we do 24X7) we will be free from any kind of subconscious protection (blockages) and we will see this world as it is.

Deep inside we are still animals we may have evolved as a society and in technology but deep down our decisions are based on our animal instinct.

Let’s get back to the topic how many subs a day?

If you want to change something then set them on the priority bucket list and then work with one goal or two-goal at most and then move forward.

Get your Goals Right.


Brain Tracy.

Get yourself deadlines, get yourself motivated for the first baby step, set your own milestones, achieve them and then move forward.

You are a Soldier and you can’t conquer everything at once if you even try this you will lose the complete WAR.

Start slow and keep moving forward toward your goals and keep conquering them never halt.

And Individual coaching can provide you with good enough resources to conquer anything with ease.


You can listen to any subliminal you want in a day but it's won't be as effective as working with one baby step and then achieving milestone, and then keep achieveing, you will find confidence inside you and your belief will become stronger.

MEME of the Day:

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Stay Hydreated, Radiate Positivity.

-Individual Subliminal.
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