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How to Get Subliminal Results in One Day?

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Can you really get Subliminal results in one day?

Your current reality was built over time.

Let’s say you are 17 years old and your subconscious has been working for 17 years non-stop creating your existing belief and making your life comfortable.

You can’t throw away the existing belief system in one night or in one listening because Subliminal are not powerful enough to do that.

Belief systems aren’t created overnight.

Our mind has been working on belief systems since the existence of our beautiful planet Earth.

The knowledge has been passed down through generations in form of evolution.

We can’t get subliminal results in one night even if the subliminal maker admits it with their POWERFUL formulas.

Now some may say this is a limiting belief, but let’s be honest aren’t we questioning the power of mother nature and the struggle of million years our species has made to get where we are right now?

So how do we get the subliminal results in one day?

First of all, clear the blockages with MEDITATION (not with subliminal).

Why I am saying it?

Because Subliminal can’t REMOVE the existing belief they just REWRITE it with the affirmations and rewriting the belief system is a great option but not the permanent solution

Because you will still live the same life you were living before using the subliminal and sooner or later your subconscious mind will go back to the default reality.

You have seen people with temporary results.

This is our body’s inbuilt mechanism to go back to where we started for example: healing the wounds (going back to the original state)

Our subconscious does the same with our belief system until or unless we completely move from the existing belief and from things which created the belief system in the first place.

Who creates our belief system?

1. Our mother nature. (survival instinct)

2. Our ancestors/parents. (DNA coding)

3. Our society. (Social belief system/religious belief)

4. Our way of living/habits. (Introvert/extrovert/ambivert nature and all psychological belief)

5. Our daily observation through TV, Social media, and friend circle. (Which creates our reality too)

There are some other factors too that make our belief system.

Now let’s be honest we can’t move away from all these factors overnight and create a new belief system (there are some exceptions too).

I don’t want to demotivate you, but I want you to face the reality that making overnight change is impossible (until unless you controlling the timeline).

Your reality is not yours, it’s the sum of all the above things.

Just like your existence is not because of you it’s because of your parents.

So What’s the right way?

Simple be a turtle and keep going slow and steady you will change your belief system and reality with constant efforts.

Read This beautiful Blog If you want to know more about the right way of using subliminal: –Read it here

Read it.

And if you want to make it permanent then do MEDITATE every day, else you will get back to your default state (in which you were born).

Who am I to Comment?

I have over 8 years of experience with the Subliminal community, so I feel qualified enough to talk so boldly on this particular topic.

It’s your choice to follow or ignore the above guidance.


Don't get hyped up because someone said you can change your reality in one blink of an eye, it's not always that easy. Set up your goals and achieve them one by one. Shifting reality is on going process not an end point

MEME of the Day:

Stay Hydrated, Radiate Positivity.

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