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How water boosts your subliminal Result

Subliminal results can be boosted with water here’s how:

Today, we will discuss how water is so crucial for subliminal results also how water can boost the results of your manifestation. We have gone through many documentaries and official scientific research papers to gather all the essential information on how water acts in our bodies and plays a big part in our subliminal results.

Nature of Water:

Water has been the source of creation on planet earth and the primary survival source of every living being. The human body contains 70% of water; our planet also has the same water level, which tells us we are in sync with our beautiful earth. Water helps us in our daily requirements physically, but we can use water on our emotional and spiritual levels. We never learned how to use water in our favor for the emotional and spiritual state, which we will discuss further but let’s talk about the benefit of water in the physical form.

Water impact on Physical state:

Water has numerous benefits on our physical health if we keep ourselves hydrated: -It lubricates the joints. -Delivers oxygen throughout the body. -Boosts skin health and beauty. -Regulates body temperature. -Flushes body waste. -Prevents kidney damage. -Boosts performance during exercise, and many enormous benefits follow If we keep ourselves hydrated. But these all benefits come with PURE WATER and not with polluted water. Drinking pure water is your conscious choice, even in the new age of science. We don’t have access to PURE WATER with high-tech water purification devices; even RO removes some healthy minerals with harmful minerals. No doubt RO does a great job of eliminating unwanted and harmful impurities. Still, it also disturbed the quality of water(Crystal Structure).

Fortunately, we have an efficient way to keep the quality of water with simple tricks.

1. Store the water in an Earthen Clay Pot; earthen clays help balance the pH scale because of the alkaline nature and healing with the elements of the earth.

2. Store water in a Copper water Bottle. Research shows you can support your health with the ancient practice of Ayurveda to easily and quickly rejuvenate your body. Drinking water from copper bottles instead of glass or plastic is a great way to start your pure water journey.

Water impact on Emotional State:

Human beings are full of emotions from extreme happiness to extreme sorrow, anger to powerful regrets; we all have felt them. We all had tears of joy, pain, anger, anxiety, stress, and guilt. Tears help us release all these emotions. This is how tears look on a microscopic level with different emotions.

Human tears with different emotions
Different tear structures with different emotions

On Spiritual State:

There is some groundbreaking research done by Dr. Masaru Emoto, who claimed that water has its memory, which can help overall human wellbeing and all other living beings. Water reacts to our emotions, our words, and our intentions. That was the main message Dr. Masaru Emoto want to convey. Here are some microscopic structures of water with different intentions.

Water has memory. Depending on how you treat it, what kind of thoughts and emotions you generate behave in your body accordingly.

– Sadhguru, Spritual Guru aka Jaggi Vasudev.
Water under positive intentions and thoughts
Water under Influence of different emotions

The importance of water in different Cultures:

We have seen many religious traditions around the water, as well as rituals.

Ritual in Christianity:

A clergy member(Holy Water) is used in baptism and to bless individuals, churches, and homes.

Ritual in Islam:

One of the most profound elements of Islam. It is also regarded as a blessing from Allah. Furthermore, the word “water” appears sixty-three times in the holy book of Muslims, Al-Quran. Zamzam well water is considered to be good for whatever purpose it has been drunk.

Ritual in Sanatan Dharam(Hinduism):

Hinduism has many holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati, to name a few. Hinduism also practices the gratitude technique for water to maximize the purity and effect of water. Buddhist practice similar rituals for water, just like Hinduism.

How can we use water to boost our results?

Let’s talk about how we can use water in our favor to boost subliminal and manifestations results. Now we know water reacts to our intentions, words, and thoughts. Because water is the best energy carrier, we will charge our drinking water with strong positive intentions. Those strong positive intentions will charge every cell with the same intent and put you in a high vibration state and a high vibrational state to boost your manifestations.

How will you charge your drinking water with strong positive intentions?

  • Get one glass of water from an Earthen Clay pot or your Copper water bottle.
  • Hold the container in your hand and close your eyes.
  • Say the affirmations or intention to get charged.
  • Repeat these positive intentions for around 2-3 mins and visualize a bright light radiating from your palm and changing the structure of the water.
  • Drink it while showing your gratitude to the universe and thanking the universe for quickly fulfilling your spoken intentions. (Fake it till you make it effect.).

Why you should buy Divine Charged Merch by Individual Subliminal:

After all the research and mind-boggling facts about the water, we decided to make things easier for the community. We used Trinity Formula and released Tumbler and Water Bottle with Angles Blessings and The healing power of Mother Nature.

Divine charged merch
Divine charged Merch

These divine charged products will keep your water charged with Strong Positive Intentions when you are on the GO. Not only does it use Mother Nature Healing powers, but they are also suitable for any subliminal and energy field you will introduce them to. As soon as you drink water from one of these containers, you will feel an instant positive shift in your mood and stability with your rushing emotions.
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Water does play important role in boosting your subliminal results because of its energy carrier quality, water can carry our intended energy and charge our whole body with the same. Always pay close attention to your thoughts and to your mood while drinking water.

Stay Hydrated, Keep Radiating Positivity.

-Individual Subliminal.
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