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My manifestation results from the law of assumption.

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My 3 desired manifestations under 6 hours

I am sure you all have heard about so many manifestation tricks and techniques but let me share some techniques which actually worked for me.

So I was in my class completely bored and wanted to play the football with my other classmates but we had some very important presentation going on and don’t wanted to skip and because I was bored I thought of a friend whom I haven’t talked since a long time wanted to manifest a text and I was also craving for some Indian Sweet(Kalakand) now all of sudden a voice suggested me to use Law of Assumption one of the famous Master Neville Goddard technique now I am big fan of Master Neville Goddard work and I completely trust and believe on his technique so without any doubt and questions I used the Law of Assumption (i.e. state of mind and the feeling that those desires and wishes have been fulfilled, if you want to learn more about Neville Goddard work consider following individualsubliminal page) I assumed that we are playing in the field and I felt the pleasure of scoring goals and all friends cheering and celebrating my achievement and I gave myself treat of that same sweet I was craving for and felt the pleasure as I was eating in joy and further  the pleasure of eating that sweet I was craving for while talking to my friend and sharing how I scored my goal today and how I gave treat to myself with the feeling of connection we had years back.

Now as I was assuming all of this over and over we got notice that our next class is dismissed because of some teacher meeting.
And my fellow classmates invited me to football and we started playing, as you all guessed it I did score and we all started celebrating, now as soon as I reach home I noticed we had some guests and they bought us the same sweet I was craving for as I was overwhelmed with manifestation success, I texted my friend and within an hour he called me and I talked to him with the same joy as I was assuming in the class.

Now I have covered the complete manifestation article in Feeling and emotions the quick road to manifestation. –read it here

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