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Subliminal: Audio vs Visual Which one is more powerful?

Visual vs Audio Subliminal

Which is more powerful?

Before I tell you which one is more powerful, let’s talk about how they work.

The working of subliminal is simple as said “influencing your mind even though you are unaware of it” yes that’s the actual definition of subliminal from Oxford Dictionary.

History has given us much evidence where humans have used subliminal for their benefits and there are some BIG names as well, I will share them in some other post, but just like this world has evolved with time so does our subliminal community. –Read Evolution and Journey of Subliminal

Visual Subliminal is more powerful compared to Audio Subliminal (if made correctly), keep reading if you want to know why Visual Subliminal is more powerful.

How does Audio Subliminal Work?

Subliminal work on your subconscious mind, which absorbs affirmations through your ears and accepts them as true, and starts changing your current reality with your desired reality on them accordingly.

When we create subliminal we focus more on the audio level because our conscious and subconscious both have different hearing ranges normal conscious hearing range is between 20Hz to 20000Hz and the subconscious range goes beyond that we are still unaware of the exact range.

We play audio at -21.3db or lesser in our ears so that our subconscious can absorb all the affirmations without causing blockage by our conscious mind. That’s the basic science behind making a subliminal.

How does Visual Subliminal Work?

Visual Subliminal work is like audio subliminal but in the case of Visual Subliminal our eyes absorb the affirmations and deliver them to our subconscious mind and then the changes happen, you must be thinking if the process is the same how come Visual Subliminal is more powerful?

Here is the trick our ears are less advanced than our eyes we all know that our ears can process 400 words per minute (that’s the most we can process consciously) and our eyes can go up to 700-800 words per minute consciously (of course there are some conditions to that) and we have some exceptional human beings too who can go above, but we are talking on an average scale.

These figures are on about the conscious mind and when we talk about the subconscious this gap expands much more than we can imagine.

Here are some studies I want you to look at:

Information transmission rates of the senses sensory system bits per second:
eyes: 10,000,000
skin: 1,000,000
ears: 100,000
smell: 100,000
taste: 1,000


If we have to calculate the above figures in one word then it’s 4-5 bits this is a rough idea :).

Just to compare the eyes and ears and some reports even say that one eyeball can calculate 120 million bits of information.

If Visual Subliminal is so powerful then why they are still underrated? The answer is simple they are very complex to create.

But at the same time, we have so many visual subliminal in our community. Right, but that’s not how visual subliminal are made, you need very high video editing skills to create them.

Power of Visual Subliminal

There was an experiment, done in 1959 by James Vicary in a movie theater where they flashed the message “HUNGRY EAT POPCORN” and the popcorn demands increased by 65%.

If we make subliminal with the combination of both the technique we will have the most powerful Subliminal ever.

Stay hydrated, Radiate Positivity.

-Individual Subliminal.
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