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The 7 chakras and their importance in Manifestation Journey.

7 chakra and quick road to manifestation

This topic will cover the importance of chakra in regards to manifestation and reality shifting and nothing more.

Because chakra itself is a vast topic and covers every area of life, soon we will discuss them too.

Let’s talk about manifestations:
What is a manifestation? If we put it in simple words it’s our desired intention that we want in our 3D material world, and let’s be honest manifesting our imagination into the material world will take a lot of effort because you have to change so much in the material world itself.
Let me make it simple for you, suppose you want to manifest a million $ into the material world how much work will it take? Well, it can take a lot of time or it can be manifested in just the blink of an eye depending upon who you are and how you manifest. Confused enough?

Let me make it more clear.

The million $ you want to manifest have 1000000- 7 digits in it yeah that’s a lot compared to our imagination.
The amount of money you want to manifest into the material world weighs much much much much more than the thought/intention of your imaginary world. (not to mention your imaginary money hold no value.)

The great scientist Nikola Tesla said it way back in 19 century, look at this universe as energy and vibrations and he was dead serious with this statement after all everything is just energy and vibrations, so is your imaginary thought and so is the material world around you.
Your physical existence is also the vibrating energies, the phone/tablet you are holding in your hand is also vibrating energy.
And according to the law of thermodynamics:
The law of conservation of energy
Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed it can change(manifest) form into other things.
This law applies to everything in this universe even to your thoughts and even to your desired reality the million dollars.
I guess it’s clear now?
The amount of energy your thought producing for a million $ is waaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy less than the actual energy million $ hold in the material world, even the material world is made up of energy so you can’t cheat here with some short-cuts. (subliminal for million $)
You have to make enough sources that can amplify the intention for millions of $ and match it with the same amount of energy as it contains in the material world.
What do I mean by that?
To simply put, if your thought/intention contains 1 gram of energy for a million $ and 1000000 grams of energy in a material world then you gotta amplify your thought/intentions million times.
Yeah, now there are many subliminal which claim to make you a millionaire overnight and that is true they will make you a millionaire overnight but just into your intentions and imaginary world.
Just stop fooling yourself, YOU CAN’T CHEAT THIS UNIVERSE you have to amplify your thought in the material world if you want those million dollars into the material world.
How will you amplify your thought into the material world and make it happen?

Well that’s where we gonna talk about Chakra

See chakras are our gateway to access the unlimited and ultimate power of this universe at your will and I will be honest with you it takes decades to have that level of mastery over unlimited powers, and you won’t even want a million $ after having unlimited power and energy in your hand.
But we are material beings and we just want a million $ as of now in the material world IDC about unlimited energy, Aye homie I got you.

Let me share more about Chakras:
Root: Govern the security and stability that we want in our life.
Sacral: Govern our vitality, passion, emotions.
Solar: Govern our confidence, willpower, and Motivation toward life.
Heart: Govern our compassion and love.
Throat: Thought, communication, ideas.
Third Eye: The truth of everything, the hidden meaning of things, the power to see beyond the visible picture, the deep understanding of this world, the untold truth about stories will never be hidden from you.
Crown: The ultimate connection to source.

How will they help with your million $ intentions?

Root: It will make you stable with the idea itself some of you may come up with the thought that you can never earn million dollars, the fear of losing to competition, and the feeling of uncertainty with your thoughts will be cured.

Sacral: “Bro I want to earn a million $ but I don’t have the energy to work for it.” Yeah, you guessed it right you can have stability and enough energy for your goal as it governs your vitality of you.

Solar: “Bro I can work 24 hours a day to earn million $ but I don’t feel motivated enough for it”
Motivation part? Clear!! Work on a solar chakra and get the unstoppable willpower for your goal.

Heart: You worked hard for a million $ but you lost the purpose for it? Ah, this is messed up, you gotta keep loving what you doing HEAL YOU HEART CHAKRA.

Throat: We sometimes speak negatively about ourselves and negatively about our goals even if we truly love ourselves. Yes darling you need healing on the throat chakra.

Third Eye: Look the name itself suggest, “Third eye” seeing beyond the physical eyes, watching the intentions of other, and gaining insight into things which were hidden from our physical eyes, you can use your 3rd eye if you want to gain insight into someone way of earning million $ without letting them know, Seriously Third eye powers are enormous. 

Crown Chakra: This chakra has nothing to do with your goal tbh, it’s just the fruit of your hard work and the ultimate joy after achieving your goals, some may criticize me for saying something so weird but it’s up to you. My statement is deep enough to make you realize what I meant by that.

Now you will ask me if it’s so easy then why are we not manifesting our goals?
Because darling your chakras are blocked.  
Why are they blocked? Because you never take care of them!! 
How do we take care of them? Meditation!! 
Of course, there are more ways to unblock the chakra but seek this part on your own.

So that’s all chakra will do with my goal of a million $?
Yes and even this simple step will amplify your energy conversion in thousands of grams.

Because now you not just using your intentions anymore, you are using the chakra energy itself for manifestation and directing this energy into your goal with different aspects. 

But still, we are miles away from our main goal which is manifesting a million $ into the material world.

but we achieved some of it too, let’s say our intention of a million $ hold 10000 gram of energy now, which means we are still 1000X away from the actual goal.

Now we managed 10000 grams of energy just sitting on the couch, and we need 1000X more to stand up and create more sources from which more energy can flow. 

“But bro I already managed 10000 grams of energy which is equal to 10000$ so where are my 10000 dollars?” Yes Good question: It’s there in your intention, now show me a way which will convert your intention into the material world? I mean show me a way which will convert the energy into another form? There is always a medium that converts one form of energy into another, for example, if we want to convert 100 grams of solid into 100 grams of liquid there gotta be some sort of fire or medium that will change the form of the energy, it won’t just change on its own. 
With the same rule, show me your medium which will convert 10000 grams of your intention/imaginary energy into 100000 grams of material world energy?

You got none right?
Then make one?
Start a business or something??
This medium will cover the remaining miles.

Easy isn’t it?

The same will be applied to everything else you want to manifest.
The key is:
1. Bring your intentional energy to the same level as your material world energy because that is where you want to manifest your intentions.
2. Keep the medium that can change your imaginary world energy into material world energy.
3. Join this forum for more such amazing discoveries HEHEHEHE.


Chakra will cover a thousand miles of the journey with just single thought of your, or in other words: Properly functioning chakra will boost your intentions to thousand of miles.

Stay Hydarted, Radiate Positivity.

-Individual Subliminal
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