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The Divine Charged Water Bottle with Heal, Love & Joy

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Divine Charged Water Bottle

Water can play a vital role in manifesting perfect health

Water is very important for maintaining your health and keeping the body flawless, but nowadays water has so many impurities, not only on the physical level but on the structural level too.

Just like most of the food in our kitchen is processed food our water is processed too from heavy machinery to the freezer.

And all this processing breaks the structural pattern of water and make it less effective for healing purpose.

Water can even boost the Subliminal results if used correctly.

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With the help of Trinity Formula, we have released a water bottle that can heal you on the structure level.

Make you more Peaceful with your daily life stress, and give you a sense of Joy with every sip.

Divine Charged Bottle.

Benefits of Having this Divine Charged Bottle:

This water bottle has positive energy. These energies will help you with three different stages of your life.

The Physical Stage of life: We have set this water bottle with mother nature’s healing powers. It will help you with your overall general healing on the physical state, i.e. “Heal”.

The Emotional State of life: We have charged this water bottle with a human being’s highest emotional/mental state, i.e. “Peace”.

The Spiritual State of life: We have charged this water bottle with the highest spiritual state, i.e. “Joy”.

Furthermore, we have added divine code to make your drinking water more pure and blessed.

84 72 167: This Divine Code will help with Self Love.
22 33 586: This Divine Code will give you a taste of pure love. (Divine Love)

Art used in Divine Charged bottle.

This Art says it all, We have Charged the Bottle with mentioned word and used the divine Code to make it even more blessed.

You Can even Print this art and use it on your bottle.

Buy the Perfect Water Container and Start your Day with Joy:



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