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The Most Powerful formula for Subliminal Results

The tale of trinity

Trinity the most powerful formula for Subliminal

Trinity formula work with three major factors.

What are those three major factors?

Before I answer those three major factors let me tell you more about how actually subliminal works. I have composed a deeper article on how subliminal work. -Read it here-

Let’s talk about the three major factors influencing our Subconscious mind:
1. Affirmations. (Typical Subliminal)
2. Afformations.
3. Morphic Fields.

What are Subliminal Affirmations?

We all know what are affirmations and how affirmations work. The

What are Subliminal Afformations?

Afformations may be a new word for most of you or maybe not but afformations are much more powerful than typical affirmations. Yes, you heard it right, let me explain why?

Afformations are the opposite of affirmations, afformations are questions that you ask yourself about how or why something has already happened.

Afformations are questions that immediately change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive.

Example: How did I become so beautiful? Why is everyone complimenting me?

Morphic Fields:

Most of you already know about morphic fields, they are the most advanced alternative medicine of the 20th century.

There are actually many channels that make morphic fields, my favorite channels are Sapien Medicine, Maitreya Fields, and Morphogenetic Advanced Fields.

If you have no idea how morphic fields works? I would suggest you read the article published by Sapien medicine on their website –Read Here

I have shared how we make subliminal, but you must be wondering why should you use my subliminal when you have so many channels making so many subliminal on youtube?

And the answer is no one has ever made subliminal like us before.

Morphic Aimed Subliminal Making sense of subliminal

As the name suggests we make Subliminal aimed at Morphic fields, but why do even subliminal communities need it?

Because they both work differently and they both are legit tools for changing your reality or healing yourself from different wounds.

People have gotten results from both tools but there is a strange gap between both users.

Those who use morphic don’t really want to use subliminal.

Those who use subliminal don’t really think about morphic fields because of fewer options for physical modification.

Individual Subliminal we want to bridge that gap, we have known both worlds for a very long time and worked for both the world and used both the tools as well.

We are well aware of the powers of these tools and we are excited to introduce you to the new power combined from both the world of Subliminal and Morphic fields.

How different are these tools from each other?

They really work very differently Subliminal typically uses the Subconscious mind for any change in the physical body or in physical world reality.

Morphic fields use the conscious energies around us and inside us to make any mental physical and spiritual change.

If we combine both of them we will get the best from both the world, we will use the complex conscious energy of the morphic field and the unlimited potential of our Subconscious mind.

How do we make the Subliminal with all these tools?

It’s quite easy with all the experience I have in the subliminal community, I kept learning and discovered a great way of making anything work for anyone, we all have seen people with zero results and some with overnight results but my ultimate dream is to give everyone results with these available tools.

The making of Subliminal with The Trinity Formula:

  • Write down the script for the subliminal which is a combination of Afformations, Affirmations, and Morphic Aimed Affirmations.
  • Record these scripts with real human emotions of abundance and Happiness.
  • Play the recorded audio at the different sensory input levels. Afformations are played on the Conscious level, Affirmations are played on the Subconscious level and Morphic aimed Affirmations are played on the Conscious Threshold.
  • Fill this audio with intentions of the affirmations this step is done with the help of a great tool intention repeater. -read more about this tool here-
  • Use of divine code for further aid in the healing of users. –read it here
  • Use visual sensory inputs as well which are known as visual subliminal.-Audio Subliminal vs Visual Subliminal
  • We make visual subliminal in sync with audio subliminal, which mean we will be getting some information from different sensory input at the same time and this trick is very powerful.

With all the above steps we have used all the available tools in the subliminal community.

This formula is incomplete without the user input. What do I mean by that?

User conscious efforts are the missing piece in the puzzle of desired reality, you have to put some real-time effort for something to happen and with your real-time effort, we assure you that you will get results without a doubt.


All these tools are great for changing your reality into your desired reality, but your conscious effort is the key for any kind of manifestatoin with that I must say you desired reality is knocking on the door, stand up move your hand and open the door.

Stay Hydrated, Radiate Positivty.

-Individual Subliminal.
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