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Why you should use Subliminal overnight for faster results

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Let’s first understand what happens when we are sleeping.

1st– Our brain wave change from beta to gamma/delta(the relaxed state) which mean less depression and stress.

2nd– Our conscious mind and logic shut down for some hours. (which mean no blockage) with our conscious mind, our ego goes down as well, when we are asleep our ego is at 1-10% and ego is one of the main reasons which create a blockage.

3rd– Our subconscious takes 100% control over our body and sensory inputs. (for healing purposes.)

This is the best part about sleeping our subconscious starts the healing with extra protection on the subconscious yes our subconscious gets overprotective when we are sleeping because c’mon no one wants to be influenced by negative entities wandering around while we are sleeping.

And this is one of the reasons why we should use our own made subliminal overnight and not the other creator’s subliminal. -read the complete article here-

Desired Reality can easily be manifested while you are sleeping.

4th– Our reality detaches when we are asleep. We enter the realm of the subconscious mind where everything is possible so why not create our desired reality while we are sleeping

With that being said we are by default in the phase of writing new reality, and we must use this opportunity to manifest our desired reality.

But there are some problems I faced while using subliminal overnight:
The subliminal themselves, many creators provide the calm and silent version but some don’t, and sleeping with music ON is a pain in the neck, that’s why always choose the silent or calm version for sound sleep or as I said just use your own subliminal that’s the best ever thing

The headphones used to fall out while sleeping so I tried wireless earphones and they were problematic as well.
So I used this headband with mini speakers in them and they are stereo speakers This or this one


Using subliminal overnight will definetly help you manifest your desired reality faster,always use some kind of desired reality subliminal for faster results.

Stay Hydrated, Radiate Positivity.

-Individual Subliminal.
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