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You may have different Subconscious blockages, here is the list:

Diiferent type of subconscious blockages

Different types of Subconscious blockages:

 If we human beings are so complex how come, we will only have one single blockage and we use subconscious blockages removal without knowing which blockage we have?

This post will cover most of the blockages in detail and how to remove them and this post can help many subliminal creators with the idea of subconscious blockages removal.

I have made a list of 7 different blockages which can stop you from manifesting your desired reality.

  • Emotional Blockages.
  • Chakra Blockages.
  • Aura Blockages.
  • Mental Blockages.
  • Society Blockages.
  • Belief Blockages.
  • Lifestyle Blockages.

These are the blockages we face most of the time, literally 95% of the time we suffer from these 7 types of blockages.

Emotional Blockages:

Different Emotions.

If we have to function correctly we have to be emotionally stable, if we ever become emotionally unstable or unavailable, our desired reality starts fading we have to be emotionally stable for making any kind of shift.

If you are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression then treat them first because if you are anxious, depressed, or stressed nothing will work in your favor.

Because emotions and feelings are key to any kind of manifestation, if you are emotionally unavailable you won’t be able to feel anything for your desired reality, you won’t be able to express the right emotions for your desired reality.

You can heal your emotional blockages with Morphic Fields.

Chakra Blockages:

7 Chakra

Charka blockages are well known to the community they play a major role in removing your limiting belief and also in manifesting your desired reality.

I have covered this topic in my fav blog –7 Chakra a quick Road to manifestation– read it to know more about how chakra plays a major role in manifestation.

Aura Blockages:

Aura of Human Body.

This is a very underrated blockage in the subliminal community.

People believe if you can remove subconscious blockages then you are limitless (well no one is limitless I will write a blog about it) but aura plays a major role in protection from outer negative entities and negative emotions.

Not only do you have to clear those negative attached parasites but you also have to keep your aura clean so that those negative beings won’t affect your emotions and mood.

Because those attached parasites feed on your negative emotions, your negative/ unstable emotions are their food.

You can clean your Aura with some very powerful techniques told by Sadhguru –here is the link.

Mental Blockages:

Different Mental Stages.

There is a high number of chances you have some kind of trauma from your past it can be because of parents, school bullying, toxic relationship, and your surroundings, there are very high chances you are suffering from one of these and there are chances you may not know about it.

Acceptance is the only way if you want to move forward, and get over, I know it’s not easy but you deserve much more than staying in a traumatic state.

If you want to talk to someone then I am here for you, you can mail me and I will help you with it.

You can also use the Morphic field for that, but I know how hard it is to move away from those nightmares, so feel free to reach me at and I will do whatever I can.

Society Blockages:

Society We live in.

We humans are social beings, we love to be social (I am not talking about you introvert XDXD), and being social has played a major role in the evolution of human beings and that’s why it’s one of the major blockages between you and your desired reality.

Society will laugh at you if you share something which is beyond the reach of society and they will try to pull you down if you do something which society can never dare to do.

That’s why society does play role in our reality and our dreams.

You can remove blockages by removing society LMAO, but let’s be real that’s not possible lol.

Subliminal and morphic can be solutions for this problem but I would say just sink in your goal soo deep that you can’t hear what society has to say about your dream.

Belief Blockages:

Our religion sometimes stops us from doing something which seems unethical.

Nothing can be done if you are super religious and you want to follow everything your religion wants you to, but if you are somewhat open to new experiences which are beyond the limits of religion then boom your belief blockages are gone.

Maybe try new things with a more open mind put your current belief aside for a moment and then try again, I swear you will love this new experience.

Lifestyle Blockages:

I guess this blockage is very common, if you want to attract something you have to act like you already got it. (Law of assumption –more about them in Neville Goddard Blogs-).

If you want a muscular body then you have to follow a certain type of lifestyle to achieve that goal, sleeping all day and being a couch potato won’t help you achieve muscles. I mean it’s very much possible, but not everyone is an exception, right?

Follow the lifestyle you want in the future or Fake the lifestyle you want in reality.

Fake it till you make it.


You maybe not be suffering from any kind of blockage at all or maybe you are sufferning with every blockage mentioned above, but only way out from any kind of blockage is facing it and then removing it one by one.

Stay Hydradted, Raidate Positivity.

-Individual Subliminal.
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